ICY got released


ICY is now available on Steam and Humble store at the discounted price of 9,74. It took more than a year to develop it, but ICY is finally ready for release and, being our first game,  we can say we’re pretty excited about it. In this case, excited is a mix of “Hey, our first game is on sale!”, “Jeez, […]

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Icy is on Indiegogo!


Our Indiegogo campaign is live! Feel free to support us in any way you can, even by sharing the word and voting us in Steam Greenlight.

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Something about the scavenging system

Build_PC 2015-02-22 19-22-35-16

We gladly announce that our Indiegogo campaign for Icy will start in the next days. We aim to find the few funds we needs to properly polish Icy, in order to offer a better experience to all the players. With the occasion, we will cover another core mechanics in Icy, the scavenging. At a first glance the scavenging system may appear […]

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Hunting season is always open in Icy


Today we’ll speak about a core feature of Icy: the hunting. Hunting is of the utmost importance to all the people living in the Frozen World, for the simple reason that the cold climate prevents to grow any kind of food, since even during summer’s nights is not rare to have temperatures below 0 degrees. The few humans living in […]

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How to survive in the Frozen World

Prova XX

Today’s post will cover the basics of survival in Icy. The player will be the leader of one of the many small groups of nomads that live wandering around the Frozen World. The daily routine of a nomad consist mostly in hunting for food, scavenging hoping to find something useful and walking, walking and even more walking. Stable settlements are […]

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A new name and something about dialogues


After a couple of months of silence, here we are again with some updates on the development of Icy, the post-apocalyptic RPG that was previously named Frozen World. We didn’t spend the last months “building snowmen”, we worked on our game and we can finally start to show it to the world. And we will start with the dialogue system.

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Dev. Diary I – Ice cold apocalypse

Into the storm

In this first dev. diary we’ll talk about Frozen World main features. In general, Frozen World will be a narrative and interpretative experience: the player will create his/her character and play through a branching story with a free gameplay, allowing for a deep and satisfying roleplaying experience. This is easy to say, but usually hard to create, so let us […]

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Project Frozen World, our new project


We are glad to announce that we are currently working on a new project! Sadly we didn’t manage to find any investor interested in developing Zaharia with no multiplayer or free-to play features and we didn’t have enough funds to develop it on our own, so we decided to work on a lower budget  project. The new project, temporary called […]

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