ICY: Frostbite Edition changelog

The Frostbite Edition is ready, but how ICY exactly changed from the old version? Here an extensive changelog with all the changes we made!

TL, DR list of changes

  • We built a new game on the original idea. Yep. That’s right.

Dialogues and Script

  • Restored some minor contents in the Prologue/Tutorial.
  • Slightly fixed some dialogues during the tutorial to make everything smoother.
  • Added more personal dialogues to all companions, making them react to what happens in the game.
  • April and Carlos will properly react to a certain event regarding a tree.
  • Janeve is now appearing in the early game as companion, making her more important, and making the whole White People matter more interesting.
  • Janeve has also a quest in the early game, completing the quest will allow the player to take her into the party.
  • Added more lines to all companions, especially the more silent ones, to properly flesh them out.
  • Cut some info dumping here and there, to make dialogues smoother.
  • Mobolaji recruitment event is now more consistent.
  • Fixed some bugged conditions preventing the player to access to some minor paths and choices.
  • Added sounds across all dialogues.
  • Cut the “Memento” quest from the game and added a new, longer and more interesting one in its place.
  • Added two new late game quests given by Vernon.
  • Fixed the “Laboratory” quest bugged dialogue options.
  • Improved the ending to be more detailed and rewarding, with a unique UI.
  • Improved the White People Ending with more contents.

Scavenging, Hunting and Inventory

  • Completely overhauled the system, now scavenging and hunting will be much more consistent and give proper feedbacks to the player.
  • Added more events and more variety to existing events.
  • Added more risk events and improved their functioning.
  • While scavenging and hunting is now possible to trigger fights, if the risk is high enough.
  • Improved the loot system that will offer more consistent rewards.
  • Improved the events to be more consistent with what the player is actually doing.
  • A new crafting system will allow the player to combine items in order to create new ones, improve old ones, or assemble consumables.
  • The crafting system work in conjunction with schematics allowing the player to learn new crafting recipes and use them to build unique items.
  • The inventory was completely overhauled and it’s now possible to equip all companions. Also the Inventory has more functionalities and works better.
  • Added more than 40 new items to the game, including several weapons and armors that can be crafted by the player and upgraded across the whole game.

Travelling, surviving and exploring

  • Completely overhauled the system, now the player will be able to travel between nodes, with each node hiding several places in which to scavenge and hunt.
  • Removed the camping system and the fuel resource that were not a good addition to the game in its current state.
  • Exploring new areas is now much more rewarding in terms of loot and it’s easier to calculate routes and avoid being out of food for no reason.
  • Overhauled the healing system to be more consistent. It will also be possible to heal companions more easily without having to navigate through sloppy menus.

Combat System

  • Created a brand new combat system from scratch. This new combat system is turn based, with a turn for each side. At the beginning of the turn 12 Actions are casually drawn from the party’s or the opponents’ action pool, then the player or the AI will be able to combine them into Moves and use such Moves.
  • The new combat system allows the player to fight against any sort of human opponent, but will offer fights against beasts too. Beasts and humans will behave differently.
  • It will be possible to use items in combat, like grenades.
  • Fights will be more rewarding and will involve more strategy.
  • All companions’ stats and equipment will affect the party’s Actions pool.

Technical Improvements

  • Performances are dramatically improved: the game requires less RAM to operate, will load faster and use less space on the hard drive.
  • All UI was redesigned to improve appearance, performances, and usability.
  • UIs are now fully compatible with all screen resolutions.
  • The options menu offers more options to choose.
  • Added several graphical effects to the game to make everything better looking.