ICY got released

ICY is now available on Steam and Humble store at the discounted price of 9,74.

It took more than a year to develop it, but ICY is finally ready for release and, being our first game,  we can say we’re pretty excited about it. In this case, excited is a mix of “Hey, our first game is on sale!”, “Jeez, what if we fail miserably?” and hiding ourselves in a dark closet to avoid facing the first days of sales.

ICY is a small project developed with a small budget, but our whole team worked really hard to create the best experience possible and, after all this time, we can look at ICY and be proud of what we did: it’s not a triple A game, but we are proud of the game and what we did. And in the process we have learned a lot that we put back into the game, meaning that we were able to learn from this experience and deliver a nicely crafted experience.
It wasn’t easy and we faced a lot of different challenges: mysterious bugs, lack of money, depressive stress and long crunch time.

But ICY is now ready and the whole team is both eager to see its release and scared from what could happen. Despite all the efforts and the hard work, we’re already thinking about a future game, to put into use all the things we learned while developing ICY, things that will allow us to create something even better. When you have a team of gamers developing a game, you’re not only interested in seeing money flow into your bank account (well, we need to eat, but that’s not the point), you also need to be proud of what you did, because you know what a game needs to be good and you desperately try to create something you’d enjoy playing. We had fun making the game and fun playing it. And we hope you do too.