ICY: Remastered Edition

Hi everyone!

It’s been some time since ICY was released, and we’ve kept supporting it as much as we could, but now we’re announcing our plans to do something more than just a couple of updates: we will create a Remastered Edition of ICY. Not a simple update, not a couple more quests, but a fully reworked edition that will allow ICY to shine at it was meant to.


Why? Because we had to cut out a lot of good ideas due to the lack of funds during development. We also paid for our lack of experience. ICY is not a bad game, but there’s a lot of room for all kinds of improvements, and we want our first game to be as special as when we first imagined it.

Why now? Because we’ve had the luck to meet investors who believe in us and our projects. Remastering ICY is nothing but one of the many things we will do in the future, since we are finally in a better financial situation.

When? Before the end of the year, that’s for sure, but we don’t want to rush anything, and the remastered edition will come out only when it’s ready.

How? We’ll completely rework ICY’s gameplay to offer a better and deeper survival challenge. We will also improve the game’s narrative, following the feedbacks we got over the last months. It won’t be just a slightly improved game – it will be like playing a brand new one that happens to use ICY’s plot (which will be also improved and expanded!)

What about the old ICY? Anyone already in possession of ICY on Steam will receive the Remastered Edition for free, because you people are the ones we have to thank for the fact that Inner Void is still a reality. We owe it to you!

Anyone interested in playing the old ICY will still be able to access it, but we will not support it after the release of the Remastered Edition.


Here’s a detailed list of things we’ll do:

  • We will change the travel system: the player will move between different nodes with his/her party, and each node will hide different locations to explore.
  • We will rework the Hunting and Scavenging systems to be more varied and offer a more interesting challenge.
  • We will completely overhaul the combat, creating a new turn-based system in which the player will be able to choose the overall setup of his/her party and use items and special abilities to overcome the enemy. This will offer a combat system that is truly strategic and challenging, greatly improving what was lacking in ICY.
  • We will rework the inventory, allowing the player not only to craft items but also to manage the equipment of the whole party. This will make scavenging much more interesting, and the loot gained will finally be shared among companions.
  • We will add more quests and improve the main storyline, especially the final part, which was a little too rushed. The player will have more time to know Tanya, TJ and Janeve, and will have to face more challenges before reaching the game’s ending.
  • We will add more content related to the party, fleshing out the characters that travel with the player.


And this list is only about the major changes and additions. We are already working on the game from the ground up to give you a 360 degrees improved experience, turning a Visual Novel with some RPG elements into a true Survival RPG, with all the features you would expect from it!

We are also open to suggestions! Is there something you’d want to see in this new ICY? Tell us, we may be able to fulfill your desires!
Thanks for your attention, fellow travelers. We hope to give you a brand new ICY to enjoy soon!